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ClimaRad Ventura V1C-C

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This product is subject to Topsector Energy Subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Continuous product development has resulted in the introduction of the ClimaRad Ventura.  This ventilation unit with heat recovery offers everything required to provide rooms with a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The device is guaranteed to be applicable thanks to multiple connection options to the facade and is highly suitable for facades exposed to noise.

Benefits ClimaRad Ventura V1C-C

  • 100% applicability thanks to connection options, no parapet required;
  • High-speed heating and cooling possible with Ventura V1C-C;
  • Suitable for facades exposed to noise;
  • Draught-free ventilation guaranteed in high-rise buildings.
  • Cooling below the dew point, using a condensate drain

Functionality ClimaRad Ventura V1C-C

With the ClimaRad Ventura V1C-C, ventilation takes place directly through the wall, supplying clean outside air and removing dirty air. The unit is fitted with a heat exchanger that pre-heats the incoming ‘clean air’ by using the heat from the ‘dirty air’ being removed.

The ventilation unit supplies clean air from the outside through a duct in the facade. The heat exchanger ensures that the filtered air from the outside is supplied to the room pre-heated. Dirty air from inside is filtered and removed through the second duct in the outside wall. Re-using the heat through the exchanger results in significant energy savings for the user.

This ventilation unit with heat recovery is fitted with sensors for CO2, humidity, indoor and outdoor temperature, and pressure sensors for balance control. These measure the air quality and determine the ventilation needed per room automatically. A particular feature of this version is its ability to cool below the dew point. The unit includes a condensate drain.

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Summer night ventilation

The ClimaRad Ventura is equipped with the summer night ventilation function, which ventilates the room with cool outdoor air if the outdoor temperature is at least 2 degrees lower than the temperature in the room. If ‘cooling’ using outdoor air is required during summer nights, this function is an ideal solution. This unit has a high ventilation rate, meaning the cool air will be supplied to the room at higher speeds.


  • Regulate indoor air quality
  • Filtering outside air
  • Heating
  • Decentralised ventilation
  • Summer night ventilation
  • Heat recovery
  • Cooling