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Pauwmolen Delft: Decentralised Climate System Makes Project Financially Feasible

Extent 285 studios/apartments

Client B-right Urban Living

Architect VIAC installatie adviseurs

Architect Bureau 070

Consultancy firm Nederlandse Bouw Unie

Installer Brabant Installatie Techniek

Date of completion Juni 2021


Tower campus Pauwmolen Delft: decentralised climate system makes project financially feasible.

To make the project financially feasible, our decentralised air conditioning system was chosen to ventilate 143 self-contained student studios and 142 youth apartments. Client B-right Urban Living, developing contractor Nederlandse Bouw Unie (NBU) and climate installer Brabant Installatie Techniek were enthusiastic about our units, which allow decentralised and demand-driven ventilation per room.

High comfort, no draft or outside noise

The selection of heat recovery systems was subject to a number of conditions: suitability for high-rise projects and noise requirements due to the location on the A13 motorway. All ClimaRad heat recovery units come standard with soundproofing ventilation devices to prevent noise from outside penetrating inside through the air inlet and exhaust openings. As a result, the units can handle very high exterior noise levels. Thanks to a built-in counterflow heat exchanger, the heat from the exhausted indoor air is also efficiently used to preheat fresh outdoor air. As a result, the ventilation system operates with high energy efficiency and drafts are not an issue.


Sensa H2X / V2X

Both Sensa heat recovery units in horizontal (H2X) and vertical (V2X) versions were installed in Tower Campus Pauwmolen. All units were delivered just-in-time per floor and assembled during the completion phase, preventing damage. Mounting the plug & play units requires only a wall outlet, two holes in the wall and a mounting bracket. In addition, the control should be paired with the ClimaRad B-Fan in the bathroom, which provides efficient ventilation of wet spaces. Intelligent sensors continuously measure air quality in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The inlet and outlet of air is controlled automatically based on predetermined set points for CO2 values, temperature and relative humidity. Motion detectors were also added in the bathrooms.