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ClimaRad Fan

Stylish, quiet and energy-efficient

The ClimaRad Fan is an addition to the ClimaRad (HRV) ventilation unit and provides extraction for so-called ‘wet rooms’. The ClimaRad Fan is available in three different versions: the B-Fan, K-Fan and T-Fan. These are suitable for the bathroom, kitchen and toilet, respectively. The Fan measures the humidity and is equipped with a timed control in combination with the ClimaRad 2.0/Sensa. With the radio frequency (RF) communication between the fan and the ClimaRad ventilation unit, not only the living room but also the ‘wet rooms’ are given a 100% perfect indoor climate in the most simple way.

Functions ClimaRad Fan

  • Regulate indoor air quality
  • Decentralised ventilation
  • Summer night ventilation