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ClimaRad Sensa Vertical

The ClimaRad Sensa is a (HRV) ventilation unit with all of the features of the ClimaRad 2.0, but without the radiator. This product is available in a horizontal and vertical version, and can be used in, for example, rooms with underfloor heating. The ClimaRad Sensa is a self-contained unit which extracts polluted air and supplies clean air. This unit is equipped with a designer housing. Intelligent sensors measure the air quality and automatically determine the required ventilation.

The ClimaRad Sensa is also available as a horizontal version, the ClimaRad Sensa Horizontal.

Benefits ClimaRad Sensa Vertical

  • Energy-efficient
  • CO2 and RH controlled
  • Low-maintenance
  • 100% independent of residents
  • Heat recovery
  • Dampening of outside noise
  • Summer night ventilation

Functions ClimaRad Sensa Vertical

  • Regulate indoor air quality
  • Filtering outside air
  • Decentralised ventilation
  • Summer night ventilation
  • Heat recovery

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