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ClimaRad 2.0

The ClimaRad 2.0 is part of the ClimaRad Smart Solution and the ClimaRad Comfort Solution, and is a very innovative ventilation unit with a built-in heat exchanger and sensors for CO2, humidity, and the indoor and outdoor temperature. The (HRV) ventilation unit is ‘hidden’ behind a tilting radiator and takes up very little space. The ClimaRad 2.0 provides ventilation and heating for each room and is mounted on an outside wall. The supply and discharge of air takes place directly through the façade, whereby the supplied air is preheated.

Benefits ClimaRad 2.0

  • Minimum height of parapet is 520 mm
  • CO2 and RH control
  • Filters, class F7
  • Heat exchanger return up to 90%
  • To be used in large living rooms (subject to the attestation of equivalence of the TNO)
  • Automatically closing valves guarantee a draft-free ventilation (also for high constructions)
  • Optional integrated communication module for inclusion in a Building Management System

Functions ClimaRad 2.0

  • Regulate indoor air quality
  • Filtering outside air
  • Heating
  • Decentralised ventilation
  • Summer night ventilation
  • Heat recovery