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Decentralised ventilation: how does it work?

Working principle

Why use ventilation?

In a house or other building, the indoor air becomes polluted in many ways. We, the residents, are the main source of pollution due to all our activities in our home, such as cooking, washing, showering, cleaning and DIY-jobs. The building materials, furniture and other interior products also release substances into the indoor environment. At high concentrations these pollutants are harmful to our health and to the building in which we live.

ClimaRad ventilation unit

During warmer periods we tend to frequently air our homes, but during the colder months that only leads to cold air currents and complaints about draught. For that reason a correct ventilation solution is of essential importance in a well insulated and draught-free home. 

A ClimaRad ventilation unit ensures a home is ventilated directly through its façade. As a result, there is no need for complex air ducts.

The operating principle

The built-in sensors of the ClimaRad units take automatic measurements based on CO2, humidity, and indoor and outdoor temperatures. In this way the unit knows how much air needs to be supplied and preheated to create a pleasant indoor climate. Clean outside air is supplied via the wall duct of the ClimaRad unit. The heat exchanger of the ventilation unit preheats the clean outside air which is supplied to the appropriate rooms. Polluted air is removed through the discharge duct of the ClimaRad unit. The heat of this air is reused to preheat the supply of clean air. This process allows for substantial energy savings.

Warm + cold rooms

Decentralised heat recovery means that this principle is used in the room where it matters most: the living room. ClimaRad ensures that heat stays where it is needed. The supply air for the bedrooms is extracted through the bathroom and toilet. The ClimaRad unit in the living room provides its own climate solution, with built-in heat recovery and CO2-control. 

A cooker hood should only have to extract air during cooking and has no impact on the ClimaRad unit. A centralised heat recovery unit moves heat from areas with a high temperature to areas with a low temperature. This is not the best option from the point of view of energy savings, which is what we should focus on.