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ClimaRad S-Fan

The ClimaRad S-Fan (Supply Fan) offers a simple and quiet solution for the problem of bad air quality in particularly bedrooms. The cause of this problem in homes with window ventilation is the lack of a "driving force*" per occupied living space. The ClimaRad S-Fan provides a comfortable air supply in the bedroom, which, in combination with the heat recovery unit and the house air extraction system, produces a healthy indoor climate.

*driving force = component that ensures adequate ventilation at room level. This is generally a mechanical air supply and/or removal component.

Benefits ClimaRad S-Fan(+)

  • 100% applicability due to transit options, no parapet needed;
  • Suitable for noise-affected facades;
  • Draught-free ventilation guaranteed in high-rise buildings.
Natural when possible, mechanical when necessary

The living room is the warmest room in a home; here heat recovery in the form of a ventilation unit is useful. In the bathrooms and toilets, air should be extracted with the ClimaRad Fan/Box. An S-Fan should be placed in all bedrooms.

The S-Fan determines its required ventilation setting and on\out status automatically, by means of internal sensors (such as CO2 and relative humidity measurements). Through smart algorithms, the unit determines whether to use the naturally present air displacement forces or the fan. In this way, ventilation is always provided as efficiently as possible. This is good for the health of the residents, who will also save on their energy bills.

When the S-Fan is connected to other ClimaRad products, they will work together wirelessly (via RF), so that an optimal indoor climate can be realised throughout the home.


With natural air supply there is a risk of draughts, which even in the bedroom can be experienced as unpleasant. In contrast to a window ventilation unit, draughts can be prevented by means of an S-Fan. The product is equipped with a number of specific components. Because of its placement high on the gable wall, preferably close to the ceiling, its high placed induction grid and the Coandă effect prevent draughts. In addition, should a high external gable pressure be present, the flaps will automatically partially close, so that the amount of external air admitted inside will always be controlled.

Energy-saving system 

The greatest energy savings can be achieved when a house is equipped with a ClimaRad Smart Solution, including S-Fans in the bedrooms. This energy use reduction is achieved by means of the smart wireless link and the various sensors per room.


ClimaRad addresses the growing demand for all-electric homes. Electrical preheating in the TCO calculation is often the most advantageous, especially in the bedrooms, where the heat demand is very small. This is certainly the case with well-insulated homes.

The S-Fan can be augmented with an electric heater (S-Fan+) with an output of 0-800 watts, enough to function as the primary heat source for the entire bedroom. Additional radiators and/or underfloor heating in these rooms will then become superfluous.

Because the S-Fan is equipped with a recirculation mode, the room can be preheated quickly and comfortably. The internal air is cleaned by means of the built-in filter, which has a positive effect on the health of the residents.

The heater can be switched on manually by the occupant and is set to the required indoor temperature. The S-Fan also has a "comfort" position, where the incoming external air can be automatically preheated to 12°C in the winter.

Summer night ventilation 

It is also possible to reduce the temperature in the heated rooms by a few degrees at night by means of the "summer night ventilation" function. This is an energy-efficient form of passive cooling.

Sound insulation across the gable wall

The ClimaRad S-Fan has a very low sound level, lower than 30 dB(A). In addition, the device dampens the outside noise. The ClimaRad S-Fan is therefore very suitable for gable walls with poor noise insulation characteristics.

Functions ClimaRad S-Fan(+)

  • Regulate indoor air quality
  • Filtering outside air
  • Heating
  • Decentralised ventilation
  • Summer night ventilation