Zein Childcare Den Haag | ClimaRad

ClimaRad Comfort

Monumental: KDV (day centre) Zein Childcare in The Hague

Client Zein ChildCare Group

Architect Bureau Kroner Architecten

Consultancy firm Hofman Technisch Advies HTA

Installer Technisch Buro TOM B.V., Verkaart Zuidwest B.V.

Date of completion 2014


Transformation of monumental building

Situated on the Jozef Israëls Square in The Hague, the Renswoudehuis now serves as the location for daycare centre Zein Childcare, which is aimed specifically at the expat target audience. This former boarding school, which has a surface area of 2700 m², is a characteristic, monumental building that was constructed in the 20s of the 20th century. In 2014, the building was converted to a daycare centre and fully renovated in the process. Because it is a building of great architecturally historic value, it was of the utmost importance to apply as few visible changes as possible during the renovation. Sustainability forms the basis of the Zein Childcare concept.

ClimaRad Comfort

In this monumental building, the decentralised ventilation solution by ClimaRad was applied to realise a healthy interior climate. Apart from that, other high-tech, sustainable installation technologies result in an emission-neutral building. The rooms are lit by means of solar panels, water is heated by solar thermal collectors, the floors are heated through geothermal heating, and fresh outside air is supplied and preheated separately for each unit. The complex consists of various rooms for daycare, a central playing area, an orangery in the garden, and an outdoor playground. Apart from that, there are rooms for secondary activities, such as course rooms, a library, and facilities for the staff.

The ClimaRad Comfort Solution was applied in the building, executed using ventilation units of the ClimaRad Sensa Horizontal and ClimaRad 2.0 type. In consideration of the safety of the children, the choice was made to connect power cables from the wall to the units, so there are no outlets with plugs on the walls themselves.

Thanks to this ClimaRad ventilation solution, the children and staff of the daycare centre can enjoy a comfortable interior climate every day, which, thanks to the units’ automatic sensors, is regulated completely automatically.