Villa Verde Harderwijk | ClimaRad

ClimaRad Comfort

Office Transformation into Sustainable Care Building Villa Verde

Extent 54 care studios, communal areas and offices

Client Re-Born BV

Architect Lengkeek architecten en ingenieurs bv

Consultancy firm Adviesburo J. van Toorenburg B.V.

Contractor Prins Bouw

Installer Gijsbertsen Installatiebedrijf B.V.

Date of completion April 2021


Project part of the Care Concept

Stichting Zorggroep Noordwest-Veluwe Foundation has moved into a stunning residential care building in Harderwijk that was created from the redevelopment of three 1990s office buildings. A transformation with a circular vision: maximum preparation for adaptability in the future. ClimaRad's decentralised climate system is part of the Care Concept within this project whereby fifty-four care studios were equipped with automatic climate control to ventilate, heat and cool each care room with heat/cold recovery. ClimaRad Care H1C and Ventura V1C units, combined with one heat pump, were installed for every two studios. This is designed to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor climate for both residents and employees in summer and winter.

Circular construction

Ralph Liedenbaum, Commercial Director at ClimaRad, explains why decentralised thinking is so appropriate: "Because of the decentralised air conditioning system, air is not dispersed through different rooms. This increases safety for this vulnerable population. The wall penetrations and grilles applied are specific to this project. These were designed in consultation with the architect to fit with the ClickBrick system. This circular construction method allows for future re-use of the facing bricks. Decentralised means future-proof construction: the building remains flexible in its layout even if its function changes.