De Leyhoeve Tilburg & Groningen | ClimaRad

ClimaRad Comfort

Newly-constructed housing-and-care estate De Leyhoeve Tilburg and Groningen

Extent 285 apartments / 210 apartments and 84 suites

Client Zorglandschap De Leyhoeve

Architect Marquart Architecten / AAS Groningen

Consultancy firm CVH Projects

Contractor Leyhoeve bouw / Roozen - Van Hoppe Bouw, Plegt Vos Noord

Installer CVH Projects / Roozen - Van Hoppe Bouw en Ontwikkeling B.V.

Date of completion February 2016 / mid 2018


Concept de Leyhoeve

Commissioned by housing-and-care estate De Leyhoeve, luxurious residential complexes were built in Tilburg and Groningen, with apartments and care suites for senior citizens. The housing concept was developed in Tilburg and executed again in Groningen. Most of the apartments feature beautiful balconies and large windows.

For these complexes, the specific needs of the future residents were taken into careful consideration. The complexes have diverse spaces that offer room for various facilities, such as a sandwich bar, swimming pool, hairdresser, physiotherapist, etc., as well as halls to host parties and events.

Our solution

For both locations, the decision was made to install the ClimaRad Comfort Solution with the ClimaRad Sensa Vertical or Sensa V2X in the living rooms and bedrooms of the care apartments, in combination with a ClimaRad Fan or ClimaRad MaxiBox for extraction in humid rooms. This solution ensures a comfortable indoor climate in all rooms. Research showed that the ClimaRad decentralised ventilation was the most interesting option based on exploitation and integral construction costs. Thanks to the applied ventilation solution, the residents can now enjoy a comfortable and healthy indoor climate without having to give it a second thought.